Circuit Therapeutics Announces A Published Paper

Posted March 2017

Menlo Park, CA, 13 January 2017 - Circuit Therapeutics published a review article on the clinical applications of optogenetics in the December 2016 edition of Current Protocols in Pharmacology. The comprehensive report describes the vast array of tools and methods used in optogenetics research and how they may contribute to drug discovery and therapeutic gene therapy.

The overview article can be download here Overview on Research and Clinical Applications of Optogenetics

About Circuit Therapeutics

Circuit Therapeutics Circuit Therapeutics is the world leader in optogenetics – a transformational technology that gives researchers and clinicians the ability to control neural activity with light. Optogenetics enables unparalleled specificity and temporal control of neural circuits, and has allowed Circuit to create an unrivaled platform for discovery and validation of novel drug targets. Founded by Karl Deisseroth, Rob Malenka, Scott Delp, Thomas Sudhof, and Karoly Nikolich, Circuit Therapeutics is based in Menlo Park, California.

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